Rainy season comes in Bangalore

It’s a season of showers, thunderstorms cool weather in Bangalore. The thought of hot tea, hot snacks & pakodas. The thought of cloudy mornings may find you digging deeper inside your sheets  snuggling for warmth not waking up for a few extra minutes. Step outside to wet greenery wet roads smell the scent of wet soil . The monsoon has arrived and with that comes the task of ensuring that you stay dry. Even a simple walk to the car and then a walk back into the safety of your office also requires gearing up.

Hasthakriya presents trendy fashionable jackets in different options we have Double sided warm jackets with fleece is inside and waterproof cover outside. we have sleeveless jackets for those evenings where the rain is looming large, but you are not going to get wet .We have hundred percent waterproof jackets for that Walk in The Rain along with tracks so that you don’t get wet but still enjoy to the breezy shower rain.

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What Hasthakriya Deals???


  • Gift exchange with corporate counterparts
  • Presentation gifts for contract signing ceremonies
  • Business and conventions Gifts
  • Conference gifts for participants and attendees
  • “Souvenir” type gifts
  • Recognition and acknowledgement awards for merit, excellence
  • Motivational gifts
  • Long Service& Retirement Gifts
  • Promotional Give-aways etc
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Hasthakriya Profile


At Hasthakriya we also offer a service that allows you to customise the products to follow YOUR COMPANY theme. We can imprint, engrave, etch, or screen almost anything. This creates a one-stop-shop that is efficient, reliable and trouble-free.

Our Strengths

  • High quality custom printed corporate gifts
  • Expert design capabilities
  • On time delivery

We invite you to put us to work and we assure you that the gift is kept and appreciated by the recipient long after they are received.

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